okay all you girls with a dream to start a business - this is for you.


1. a passion

trying to start a small business without a passion of what your selling is equivalent to banging your head against a door for a couple hours - painful + a waste of time. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. if you're doing it just to make money or bc it's what "everyone" else is doing, you won't enjoy it. my life motto is "love what you do + you'll never work a day in your life." i can't say that enough.


2. some practice 

if i sold the earrings i made in that first batch, y'all would NEVER buy from me. you need lots of practice if you're going to sell handmade goods. start by gifting what you make to friends, family, + ask for their feedback. 


3. lots + lots of help

if you're not asking for feedback on how to be better, chances are you're not getting better. there's ENDLESS possibilities to improve. i'm improving every single day + i wouldn't have it any other way. 


4. a little patience

be patient. with yourself, your products, your customers, your goals. WITH EVERYTHING. i look back + i could kick myself for not being patient with some aspects of my business. taking the time to do things right makes all the difference. take the extra time to write a handwritten note. be okay with not reaching your monthly goal but strive to hit it the following month. 


5. time management

THERE'S NEVER ENOUGH TIME. i wish i could take the time leftover from my first few months, + apply it now to how busy i am now. lol however, as i've grown, i've learned how to manage my time better so time is now my bff not my enemy. i like to use LOTS of lists. i have notepads, sticky notes, planners, calendars, EVERYTHING to help me manage my time. 


6. a few failures

a few? i should say an infinite amount. owning a small business is 100% trial + error. sometimes i break an earring right as i'm packaging. sometimes i glue the back on the wrong side. *face palm* at one point, i had a customer refuse to receive another pair of earrings since they broke in the mail. trust me, it's been a rough journey but it has allowed me to learn + grow. those failures do not define me, they just make me work harder. 


7. lots of podcasts + music

look, you're gonna have a lot of silence. whether it's making earrings or packaging orders, the silence makes time SLOOOOW DOWN. throw in your airpods, turn on some crime junkies (if you're into that stuff) + start trucking ahead. i promise some good jams will help you feel like time is your bff + you're jamming together. 


8. a good support system

we need support. just like boobs, the bigger they grow the more support they need. lol i just made that up but it's 100% spot on. as your business grows, there will be times you want to give up + throw in the towel. i can't even tell you the amount of times my husband has picked me up off the floor crying bc i was stressed out or felt like i was failing. having those "fans" who build you up, comment on your post, show up with a dr. pepper to your house - THOSE PEOPLE ARE WHAT MAKE YOU THRIVE. who doesn't like a goof hype girl??


9. snacks on standby

if you're anything like me, i swear i burn more calories making earrings than running a mile. making sure you're fed + hydrates creates a habitat for a healthy mindset. plus, this way you won't almost pass out while packaging orders (oops)



lastly, + most importantly, you need YOURSELF. a business cannot succeed without someone running it. someone putting in the 29014 extra hours with no pay. someone putting every last cent back into the business so it can grow. someone to take those chances + make those money moves. someone who's a BOSS + gets stuff done. you will now + forever be your best hype girl. believe in yourself + your small business with THRIVE. 


i promise you that.